Interview with Marcos Arizti, StalkIT: 20,000 tracking devices in the field in 3 years

16.10.20 12:50 PM By Ludovic Privat - Comment(s)

On the eve of the IoT Tracking Summit (October 20-21st, 2020) we talked to one of the event's speakers, Marcos Arizti, the CEO of StalkIT, a Norwegian company specializing in location tracking for the recycling industry and agriculture markets.

Marcos, can you tell me a bit about your background, ho...

Maria Kalama, Lacuna Space: “Were seeing a great opportunity in tracking“

08.10.20 09:20 AM By Ludovic Privat - Comment(s)

Maria Kalama is the Director of Business Development at Lacuna Space, a company based in the United Kingdom and building a global satellite communication network using the - widely used in IoT - LoRa protocol.  She answered our questions a couple of weeks before the online conferen...

Kristoff Van Rattinghe, Sensolus: “We track 100,000 assets on our platform“

05.10.20 11:58 AM By Ludovic Privat - Comment(s)

Kristoff Van Rattinghe, CEO and co-founder of Sensolus will be a speaker at the upcoming IoT Tracking Summit (Oct. 20-21st, 2020) delivering a speech on “LPWAN and BLE: The perfect match for accurate, low-cost, in- and outdoor asset tracking“. Two weeks before the event we took the pulse of Sensolus...

Chris Gray, Globalstar, on using IoT for cattle tracking: “Satellite is now becoming an affordable price point for an industry with narrow margins“

28.09.20 07:49 PM By Ludovic Privat - Comment(s)

Three weeks before speaking at IoT Tracking Summit (Oct 20-21, 2020), Chris Gray, Vice President Emerging Technologies at Globalstar, shared with us some thoughts about his company, satellite communications, IoT and emerging GPS tracking businesses.

Chris, as a starter, can you tell me a bit about yo...

Interview with Nestwave's CEO: low power geolocation without positioning chipset

18.09.20 07:18 AM By Ludovic Privat - Comment(s)

Ambroise Popper, you are the new CEO of Nestwave, can you tell me a bit about yourself, how Nestwave got started and what is the core of your business?
Before joining Nestwave as CEO, I worked in wireless & semi-conductor start-ups both in France and Silicon Valley. In p...