Interview with Marcos Arizti, StalkIT: 20,000 tracking devices in the field in 3 years

16.10.20 12:50 PM By Ludovic Privat

On the eve of the IoT Tracking Summit (October 20-21st, 2020) we talked to one of the event's speakers, Marcos Arizti, the CEO of StalkIT, a Norwegian company specializing in location tracking for the recycling industry and agriculture markets.

Marcos, can you tell me a bit about your background, how you joined StalkIT and what is the business of the company?
StalkIT started as a spinoff from Norsk Navigasjon Group back in 2017, specialized in logistics for waste management. I got on board late 2018 and become CEO in Jan 2019. I am MSc Engineer with 10 years of experience within the recycling industry and saw in StalkIT a fantastic opportunity to digitalize the recycling business and other non-digital business such as livestock. Since then it has been an intense and existing journey to reach 800 customers using our system despite the fact that we were much earlier than the telcos with a ready product to commercialize. The core of our business is providing full stack tracking solutions with quick ROI.  
Can you describe your solution and its key benefits?
Well, we are focus into volume business markets where our value proposition is a simple, reliable, maintenance free and scalable solution with an extended service lifetime: more than 10 years. We are one of the few companies who has made it to market with NB-IoT technology resulting in 20,000 subscriptions already in 6 different countries.
What are the market verticals you are specifically targeting?
Under the umbrella of StalkIT have introduce two different brands ContainIoT and Smartbells. ContainIoT focus is into the recycling industry where the solution is to bring all the industrial waste containers online in such that waste operators could minimize losses, maximize revenues and even reduce CO2 emissions.

On the other hand Smartbells value proposition is about reducing significantly herding time, identify injuries and accounting for loss of stock.

Looking at the location tracking market what are the key business trends you see developing today?
Two main trends we are seeing; getting a worldwide solution with NB-IoT roaming. Telcos are putting effort here and we are working tightly with them, however, some virtual operators are moving more quickly in this space.

Another is about using triangulation for position instead of being dependent on open sky GPS. We know that NB-IoT has higher coverage penetration indoors and this could be a solution for tracking regardless on whether your are outdoor or indoor.  
What is your goal for the company in the next coming years?
Our goal is to improve and predict business performance with assets data collection and 2-3 years down the line will give us enough time to flood the market with units while we create a powerful data driven solution.

Marcos Arizti will be speaking about Internet-of-Waste: Digitalizing the recycling industry with connected containers at the IoT Tracking Summit on October 20-21st, 2020 in a session dedicated to: Asset Tracking in the construction, utility & waste management industries: optimizing processes and fighting loss & theft.